Tutorial Services


What is the Impact Station? The Impact Station is a reading tutorial program that serves students in grades K-6th. Students can receive one-on-one interventions or enrichment. Students can participate in learning activities and lessons that cover the interactively "Big 6" (phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension,  and writing) based on their specific needs during the sessions. The Impact Station offers sessions in person and virtually.


The Impact Station focuses solely on the "hands-on" learning approach. All lessons are interactive and engaging. Students also receive homework assistance. By providing these services, all tutors communicate weekly with parents and the child's home-based teacher. The tutor, teacher, and parent communicate effectively to ensure the child is showing improvement throughout the school year.


Reading is essential and when parents have access to one-on-one support throughout the school year helps their child see the significant gains they deserve.